Frequently Asked Questions

A KnowNetwork membership card is a prepaid MasterCard©.

It looks like a credit or debit card, with a card number, chip & pin and signature strip. However, it does not provide a source of credit, and there are no credit checks.

You can only spend the amount you load on to your card.

It offers some of the same great facilities as bankcards, such as an account number and sort code, a tracking portal and more.

As you can only spend what you load, our members have found it incredibly useful for tracking expenses or even managing wages in a separate space.

You can use the your membership card at over 35 million locations and withdraw cash from over 1.9 million cash machines worldwide – wherever you see the MasterCard© logo.

Typically debit cards are used to pay for goods in shops and to withdraw money at cash machines. The money is automatically taken from your current account when you spend it, so you must have enough money in your account or an agreed overdraft to cover the transaction. No interest charges. No affect to your credit status.

Credit cards offer you a credit facility which you have to pay off (together with interest) over a period of time. Before you get a credit card, you will be credit checked to ensure you have an adequate credit score/status.

Step 1: Request Your Card
Enter your postal address to receive your card. Depending on availability, we’ll create and dispatch your card within 3 – 10 working days.

You can track the progress of your card creation under the services tab on your dashboard. Simply click ‘access now’ under your membership card panel.

Please note that we can only provide cards to UK addresses.

Step 2: Activate Your Card
You’ll receive your card with a set of activation instructions, with the option of activating online or over the phone.

Once your card is activated, a PIN number will be sent to you separately by post. Once you’ve received this, your membership card is ready to go.

Step 3: Load, spend and save
Reap the rewards of your Membership Card! Show it off to friends, benefit from cashbacks.

Online & Instore Purchases
Use your card to purchase at any of the brands listed, and we’ll do the rest of the work. The cashback you earn is automatically loaded onto your membership card at the end of the following month.

Log in to your membership portal and go to your “card” section in your profile.

Your card is provided by KnowNetwork Limited.

The card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Limited pursuant to license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

Card stock is limited, but assuming we have cards available your card should arrive within 5 to 10 working days.

Just like a regular debit card, your PIN number will be sent to you separately once you have activated your membership card.

You can request a new PIN number by logging into the dedicated card portal through KnowNetwork. It will be under ‘card settings’ in the navigation.

Alternatively, you can change your PIN at most ATMs in the UK. Enter the current PIN and then choose “PIN services” on the screen.

There are many ways you can load your membership card with funds.

Dedicated Card Portal

  • By debit card
  • By bank transfer

Direct Payments

  • With cash at over 28,000 PayPoint locations throughout the UK.
  • Simply supply your employer or third party with the sort code and account number associated with your membership card.

You can find more details on how to deposit using each of these methods in the dedicated card portal.

You can withdraw cash from any cash machine that carries the MasterCard© acceptance mark.

Up to £250 per day.

Loading and transaction fees may be applied when you deposit funds onto your card, and on ATM withdrawals. International usage fees also apply.

Full details of these and any other charges are clearly listed on your dedicated card portal, which is powered by our membership card supplier.

Some ATMs may apply a surcharge so please ensure you check with the ATM provider before making a withdrawal.

No. You can cancel your membership card for free and request your balance to be transferred to a bank account at any point.

This can be done using the dedicated card portal.

Report and cancel lost or stolen cards by logging into the dedicated card portal, or by calling the phone number on your activation letter.

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