Charles Naples

Meet Charles, a Senior Project Manager who specialises in implementing new must-have systems for esteemed finance companies. KnowNetwork was recommended to Charles by a friend and he joined because of the range of services offered and the great customer service.

Residing mainly in Glasgow, Charles is a contractor who is used to the hustle and bustle of organised chaos – and all the necessary travelling that comes with being in the contracting world!

Having been recommended to him by a close friend and fellow contractor, Charles joined KnowNetwork when he was working on a contract role at retail giant, Bargain Booze.

“I was offered a free financial health check and had the opportunity to gain some really valuable pension advice, and that was an excellent benefit for me. The thing I really like about KnowNetwork is that it’s a mature, professional service that is so easy to use – and no one’s in my face trying to sell me anything.

Everything – from timesheets to invoices – is kept on top of, and the reminders I get through to my emails are so helpful.”

When asked about his personal hobbies and interests, its evident that Charles is a particularly busy man - not uncommon for a contractor in today's market. But there are few things he always makes time for.

“My priority is obviously my family life and enjoying holidays with them whenever I can. Outside of that, I’m a keen whiskey collector and I regularly visit auctions to try and sell the best I have. I would advise anyone who has an interest in doing anything similar to get their hands on some Japanese whiskey – it sells really well.

I was also previously a football coach for nearly five years, but I took a step back from it because my lifestyle was becoming far too hectic. I’ve limited myself now to only coaching on Saturdays – I absolutely love it.”

We wanted to ask Charles if he'd had any stand-out moments throughout his career. After a short debate about where to go with this question because we may or may not have put Charles on the spot completely – apologies! – he went on to say that there have been many placements throughout his career that have resulted in some huge achievements - but that the priority is having the best people around you.

“First and foremost, the contracts that stand out the most are mainly to do with the attitudes of your colleagues and who you’re working with.

Even when it comes to KnowNetwork, talking with Dennis and getting to know him has been so refreshing. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life.”

Charles explains that one of his more memorable highlights transpired from a role with Sainsburys Bank, where he worked alongside a group of third party developers. Together, they delivered a brand-new mortgage product and implemented a new system to ensure its success.

With the hope of starting a new contract in March, Charles will likely be utilising the services at KnowNetwork to find his next role. Whilst his current contract ends in February, he is positive about updating his membership CV with us and going directly through KnowNetwork to nab himself the best opportunity possible. We’ve got no doubt that with his expertise and experience, another fantastic opportunity will present itself.

In the meantime, Charles is looking forward to a Christmas break with his family.

Thank you so much for speaking with us, Charles! We’re glad you chose KnowNetwork, and we’re sure that your positivity will help to support like-minded contractors in their own lives and career.

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