Andy Polshaw

Andy is a contract developer with a large programming skillset and a wealth of experience. Andy made his his mark predominantly in the retail sector and has worked for many big-time companies including Bet365 and MyProtein.

Being software engineer and dedicated contractor comes with its fair share of challenges and as a result Andy has a very busy lifestyle. This led to a friend of Andy recommending him KnowNetwork . Wanting to try something a little bit different, Andy was keen to join.

“What I really wanted was a platform to organise my lifestyle a bit more. Through KnowNetwork i’ve had offers for pension advice and a range of other financial services.

I put a lot of money into various things and pay a lot of money out, so it’s good to have Know Network to call upon for advice. I’m still getting used to it, but it suits me perfectly”

When we asked Andy about what he enjoys in his downtime, he explained that his main hobby is just simply doing his job! Although we admire his dedication we were glad to hear he was gearing up for a well-deserved Christmas holiday in Thailand with his family.

We also wanted to ask Andy if he’d had any stand-out moments throughout his career. After a thoughtful pause, he went on to say that there have been many instances throughout his career that he’s felt particularly proud of his work and contribution to a project.

“A notable one for me is MyProtein, where I was engaged as sole Software Engineer to resolve issues and create new features. Upon the successful improvement of the system, sales increased by 500%, which then led to the sale of the business for £60m. That gave me the opportunity to take on a lot of leadership and be in control, which was great.”

He continued to explain that these sorts of contracts are like gold dust, because as well as making money, it moulded his thoughts into providing a positive attitude change and helped a business to create more business.

The contract that Andy is most excited about is his upcoming contract with renowned engineering and technology company; Siemens. We wish Andy all the luck in the world with this opportunity and we hope that he’ll continue to take advantage of his tailored benefits with KnowNetwork.

We would like to thank Andy for taking the time to speak to us. We’re glad he chose KnowNetwork, and we’re sure that the success he's had in his career so far will encourage other like-minded contractors to join our exclusive members hub.

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