5 Top Secrets To Sourcing The Best Contracts

by Alice Murray

As an experienced contractor, you might already be very clued up on what the best contracts are and how to easily get an offer. But before all the schmoozing can even begin, you need to find out how you can initially start to find the good jobs – so where do you look?

Looking for contract work is a very different process to looking for a permanent role. Contractor vacancies often need to be filled super-fast and can sometimes be done with just a single interview or meeting. Contractors need to avoid unpaid gaps, which can be tricky if you can’t get your hands on a decent job. It isn’t just about the people skills and the quality of your CV. A contractor needs to be organised and ready to target their next role.

To avoid pay gaps and unexpected, unwanted intermissions between contract job roles, you need to strike while the iron is hot and be at the very top of your game.

So, how do you do that?

  1. Your contacts are everything

Whilst contracting is usually a solo affair, it’s common knowledge that everyone needs to be thrown a bone every now and then; and this is no different in the contracting world. There is nothing wrong with getting a helping hand from recruitment agencies or consultants. Contracting is a dog-eat-dog universe to be a part of, and having that extra support who is a pro in the industry can really help you go far. But it’s important to choose the right one. A recruitment agency is there to help you in your career, to find the most suitable contract for your specific needs. So building a solid foundation with a consultant can pave the way for all of your future contracts.

  1. Go large

You can start by contacting recruitment agencies or clients directly. But why stop there? You should upload your CV onto agency databases, and create social media profiles on a variety of networks. It’s important to get your CV on contractor job boards, CV libraries and LinkedIn and speak to any contacts you may have, face to face, by phone or by email. By doing this, you’re getting yourself more attention and people will find it easier to access you and find out what you’re all about.

  1. Research. Research. Research. 

The importance of researching contracts can never be reiterated enough. Without it, you risk turning up to meetings and interviews for roles that don’t end up fitting your requirements. It’s essential to ask a lot of questions, and to make sure you get answers. That way, you can contact the right people for the right reasons, attend the most suitable meetings for you, and ultimately, find the right contract.

  1. Make social media your best friend

A contractor without social media is like salt without pepper; they should always work together to complement each other and get a good end result. Social media is a contractor’s bread and butter. Without it, you’ll have less credibility, and clients are less likely to find you. Having professional pages on networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and KnowNetwork will give clients the opportunity to search you, find out what your skillset is, and contact you whenever they need to.

  1. Big yourself up

You simply aren’t a contractor unless you ooze complete confidence and radiate the attitude of a cool, calm, collected professional. To a certain extent, it’s okay to totally big yourself up with the goal of getting yourself noticed. Find out what your unique selling point is; and throw it in everyone’s face. What are your particular skills? Do you have a trait that stands out from the rest? Have you previously achieved something that a lot of others haven’t? Your USP can save you, and bring you a lot of golden opportunities. So shout your name from the rooftops, and make sure everyone knows it.

If you need any guidance or advice on how to go about finding more opportunities, speak to your personal concierge today.

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